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Title: دور معتمدية اللاجئين في إدارة وتنسيق المعسكرات : دراسة حالة معسكرات وسط دارفور 2006م – 2016م
Authors: الصادق زكريا محمد فضل
Keywords: ظاهرة اللجؤ
معتمدية اللاجئين
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: جامعة أفريقيا العالمية - عمادة الدراسات العليا - كلية دراسات الكوارث والأمن الإنساني
Abstract: This paper dealt with the role of refugees in the administration and coordination of camps. The problem of research into questions such as the size of the problem and the extent of the values of the parties in their responsibility and the definition of the size of the problem of Chadian refugees in Sudan and the state of Central Darfur, and the role of the refugee authority in the administration and coordination of the camps and the adequacy of services provided to them and the extent of the Sudan's compliance with international conventions of protection and other laws imposed by international To which Sudan and the role of national policies have been signed. The importance of research was limited to the perception that the refugees represent a large segment of the Sudanese society. The approach adopted by this paper is the method of extrapolating after the developments that took place in this description, analysis, reasoning and entry to history in order to reach a result. The main conclusions summarized by the paper are fundamental flaws in this coordination. It is a bilateral coordination, in which it did not allow other voluntary partners to work in the field of services and refugee programs. And that there is a flow of refugees due to the decrees in the neighboring countries Sudan suffers from this flow of socio-economic and health, and must find a solution to the problem of refugees and the creation of refugee programs and dependence in the host country. The Sudanese government does not accept the implementation of the second solution (the local integration of refugees in Sudan for fear of increasing the burden to the state). The researcher also made several recommendations, which can be followed by the need to develop emergency services from food, health and education shelters and other levels to the best level suitable for crime and turn them into to another developed form and to abandon the fear of improving services. The refugee encourages local integration. The international community should not link aid to the refugees with political interests and should only be humanitarian action. Educating a refugee to respect laws and regulations the host country(country of asylum) Maintaining state policy and security.
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