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Title: المنظور القانوني والشرعي لحق السفن الحربية في المرور البري بالمناطق البحرية: دراسة مقارنة
Authors: منال نصر الدين حستن متولي
Keywords: القانون العام
Issue Date: 2014
Citation: جامعة إفريقيا العالمية - عمادة الدراسات العليا - كلية الشريعة والقانون - قسم القانون
Abstract: Praise be to Allah Lord of the Worlds , prayer and peace be upon His creation of God Prophet Muhammad Bin Abdullah and his family and companions and walked on his approach and guided him to the Day of Judgment After: There is no doubt that the seas of great importance for both the international community so it was to be all rights Altalgah seas and clear and Game where , but also indicated a researcher at the problem of this research that the right of innocent passage for warships marine areas marred ambiguity which led to the difference and contrast considerably between countries the right which can with the threat to international peace and security , so it has been the theme of this research to highlight the legal rules that show how warships enjoy the right of innocent passage in all marine areas and show the ruling on it. I have been dealing with this issue through the four seasons in a row and logically interconnected so as follows: Chapte I; And the researcher explained the theoretical framework of this research through the elements according to accepted methods of scientific research and as to the requirements Graduate Studies routers Tab amah Africa World . Chapter II: In this chapter dealt with the researcher of innocent passage marine areas in terms of the definition and the legitimacy and importance of the conditions and controls . Chapter III: This chapter has come through three consecutive Detectives were it addressed issues directly related to the subject of this research where warships were addressed in terms of the definition and the conditions and importance . Has also been subjected to legal theories in the reasons for granting warships the right of innocent passage with surrounding marine areas position of Islamic law from those theories . The exposure in the framework of this chapter of the implications of granting warships the right of innocent passage marine areas with an indication of the position of Islamic law than that. Chapter IV: Within the scope of the fourth quarter were clarified OK and States of grant applications warships the right of innocent passage marine areas with an indication of the impact of those attitudes and applications to the international community in multiple aspects . It was the purpose of it all : Contribute in the field of scientific , legal, and human thought what can lead to to solve the problem of this research , the injured in the Fbtofik of the Almighty , but missed it myself, and this research only effort seeker of knowledge , a human effort has marred the shortage or ambiguity , all of that from human attributes God is the source of strength
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