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Title: ضوابط التعامل مع أهل الكتاب من خلال القرآن الكريم
Authors: رحمة الطيب عبد الله حاج علي
Keywords: العقائد والعبادات
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: جامعة إفريقيا - عمادة الدراسات العليا- كلية الدراسات - قسم التفسير وعلوم القرآن
Abstract: Praise be to God, whose blessings are good, and peace and blessings be upon the master of humanity and his family and companions, this research entitled (controls to deal with the people of the book through the Holy Quran), and aims to repair the deviation in beliefs, worship and ethics, And knowledge of the style of the Koran in their axes and arguments, and the statement of rules and rules and dealing with them. The researcher used the analytical inductive method: it analyzes what has been derived from the relevant verses and devised the rules that we must treat the people of the book, and the study reached several results, the most important: 1. Dealing with the people of the book requires a rational jurisprudence, maintaining the balance and moderation in the treatment; lest it stray towards harshness, arrogance and unwarranted circumstance, or lean towards leniency and dilute the judgments, both of which are reprehensible. 2. The Muslim nation needs to extend its bridges and extend the compassionate hands towards the nations that violate it. This is because of the interest and the prevention of evil. At the same time, it needs powerful restraints that keep it from crossing the red lines, which preserves its dignity, dignity and prestige. 3. It is permissible to eat the sacrifices of the people of the Book and their fat from the people of war and others, and the clinic of the people of the Book, and their connection.
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