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Title: تأثير مثلث حلائب على مستقبل العلاقات السياسية السودانية المصرية
Authors: ناجي عبدالجليل احمد كرم الله
Keywords: العلوم السياسية
العلاقات الدولية
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: The future of the Sudanese-Egyptian relations and the impact of Hawaii triangle disputed in the relations between the two countries, the crisis tried researcher through this topic to highlight the crisis preoccupied the public opinion in both countries for a long period of time has dealt with the subject in four seasons and was the first chapter of political boundaries and character of the demographic importance Alatguetsadah the second chapter deals with the historical development of the Egyptian-Sudanese relations in the light of the crisis Hawaii in the third chapter Hawaii effects of the crisis on the future of relations between the two countries. The fourth chapter of international justice and its role in resolving the border disputes. Among the most important findings of the study that the relationship between Sudan and Egypt based on the foundations of the unity of religion, language and Nile historic strategic relationship. Perhaps the link and interdependence between the two largest of the crisis between the two countries and a strategic triangle Hawaii axis linking Sudan and Egypt, and there are political dimensions, economic and social conflict between Sudan and Egypt. One of the main recommendations of the need to provide the political will of the ruling authorities have between the two countries and resolving the problem of Hawaii through international justice.
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