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Title: الإدارة الأهلية وأثرها في التنمية الريفية: دراسة حالة إقليم كانم -تشا
Authors: عبد الرحمن أحمد طاهر على
Keywords: العلوم الإدارية
Issue Date: 2017
Citation: جامعة إفريقيا العالمية - عمادة الدراسات العليا - كلية العلوم الإدارية - قسم الإدارة
Abstract: The primary objective of this research is to find out the civil administration system and its impact on rural development in the Kanem region (1960-2016m) and choose the following assumptions: civil administration positively affect the achievement of rural development. civil administration contribute to the application and to achieve justice. civil administration lead to the stability of the population of the Kanem region. Methodology: The research followed the historical method and the descriptive approach This was the findings of the research have proved that all the hypotheses are correct, as the research found the following results: The management directly affect the civil and positively to achieve rural development and through the conferences to promote peace and maintain security in the country; and working to preserve the legacy of tribal. The civil administration is working hard to stabilize the population of the territory and have a significant role in urging citizens to vaccination and the preservation of water resources from damage and pollution, and urges citizens to go to episodes of adult education and literacy. that the civil administration to take an active role in educating the citizens of the importance of green belts and prevent over-harvesting and overgrazing in forests. The most important recommendations concerning the results of the study, such as those: Development of civil management system to keep pace with society, rationalization and enable them to play their role entrusted to him. That the government is striving to create an atmosphere and a suitable climate for peaceful coexistence among all the tribes in a lasting peace and harmony. refrain from politicizing the men of the civil administration because the politicization of the civil administration led to the weakness of its prestige by among citizens and weaken the effectiveness of the committees of the peace in the Kanem region. D remote small towns and villages to projects related to employment, that a disciplinary to the stability of the people of the small towns, villages and rural areas, and lack of migration to the big cities. Chjba committees conciliation and good offices because of the extremely calm tempers and conflict tendencies and linking the social fabric and to support stability impact.
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