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Title: دور إدارة الوقت في تخفيض ضغوط العمل
Authors: نسيبة محمد السني محمد
Keywords: العلوم الإدارية
إدارة الأعمال
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: It has become more creative feature in contemporary organizations, where it introduces answers like the world’s teeming challenges that were imposed by the scientist s’ system. High compet it ion between companies rose securing the creative abilities which are capable of facing these changes, thereby (because of t hat ) innovation becomes the basic principles in companies. Where the objective of this research is for testing the first hand action for wasting time in the innovation administrative level and not straight for ward in pressure effect at work, t o accomplish these objectives an independence model has been built for the previous studies, and testing the model in usage and descriptive curriculum studies is involved in the higher university studies in Sudan. Where t he explanation of t he device (equipment ) was t he head in data collect ion from t he sample without putting probability to notify it s number (280), t he explanation in calling back(202) in a percent age of (72.1%), while testing t he hypothesis or assumption according t o t he study model t he Smartpls program has been used, where it showed t he out come t hat it has relationship bet ween sociable variables and t he creative administ r at ion, just as t hat , t he partly pressure effect at work in innovative administration to the pick time wasting. The studies recommend in necessity, establishment and arrangement in supervision of t he fact or s wasting time and essentials which are working in killing time. Besides t he necessity, t he changes and t he continuous improvement , as it is from t he important factors in the success of the creative organizations and companies. Functional phrases: time wasting, innovative/ creative administration, work pressure.
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