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Title: دور سياسات وزارة الزراعة بولاية الخرطوم في الحفاظ علي معايير واشتراطات الامن الغذائي في الفترة من 2013م-2017م
Authors: اقبال حواية الله عبد الله احمد
Keywords: الأمن الغذائي
سؤ التغذية
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: جامعة إفريقيا العالمية
Citation: جامعة إفريقيا العالمية- عمادة الدراسات العليا - معهد دراسات الكوارث واللاجئين
Abstract: This study deals with the role of food supply in the Ministry of Agriculture in the state of Khartoum in maintaining the standards and requirements of food security. The study aimed to clarify the role played by the Ministry of Agriculture in Khartoum state, the efforts adopted, the policies and production systems, and the optimal independence of resources in order to maintain the food security standards and conditions within the state. The study began with an introduction to the concept of food security and adequacy of food supply, and then the methodological introduction. The study then dealt with the concepts related to food security and the policies of the ministry to achieve food security. The study also described the study area and mentioned its resources and the current policy statement and future strategic plans to maintain the standards and requirements of food security within the state of Khartoum, and then address the food gaps that occurred in the eighties and improvements of the century by the civil war in the west and south of the country. Displacement and migration to the state and food needs. Finally, the researcher concludes by proving the hypotheses presented in the introduction to the methodology, namely that the food security policies in the state and work to increase food supply, improve infrastructure, solve the problems of displacement and immigration to the state and reduce the urban encroachment on some areas of production all contributed to achieving food security. . The study was supported by a number of interviews with some officials and directors of the Ministry of Agriculture, State of Khartoum to clarify the course and how to implement and enable the policies set for the supply of food supplies and maintain sustainability criteria for the future. The most important results reached by the researcher increase the cultivated areas and diversification of production, increase the number of livestock, increase production and improve its rates, increase agricultural investments and other results within the study. One of the most important recommendations is to expand the production base and producers, encourage and provide marketing and storage services, and pay attention to quality and control to provide safe products for the achievement of food security standards.
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