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Title: وجهة نظر الاختصاصيين الاجتماعيين للبرامـــج الارشـــاديــة المنفــذة في تعديل سلوك الطلاب
Other Titles: دراسة ميدانية على مدارس مديرية صنعاء القديمة :
Authors: إشراق عبد الولي فارع العودري
Keywords: تعديل سلوك الطلبة
البرامج التعليمية
Issue Date: Dec-2018
Publisher: الخرطوم : جامعة إفريقيا العالمية - كلية الآداب
Series/Report no.: العدد;7
Abstract: The present study aimed to identify social workers’ views of the role of indicative programs in modifying students’ behavior in the schools of the old Sana'a District. This study was identified by the spatial boundaries of 23 social workers (22 females and 1 male) working in the old Sana'a schools who were trained by the German Program ((GIZ)), for the academic year 2013-2014.In this study, the researcher has used the descriptive approach that depends on describing the problem. The study is also based on the open questionnaire prepared by the researcher. The study has showed several results, the most important of which is that: Every social worker carried out during the last year (2013) an average of not less than (5) indicative programs, and this is a great achievement by itself, social worker as the experiment is still in its infancy. • Indicative programs implemented have had a clear effect on the modification of some behaviors within the school. The most targeted age groups are the age group (13-15) since it has obtained the highest percentage of 40%, then the age group (10-12) with a percentage of 35%. These are the age groups that have mostly benefited from indicative programs. • The majority of indicative programs have focused on the programs of improving academic achievement and school delay. • The indicative programs for behavioral problems have been lightly showed, and this may be due to social worker’ attention directed to one side which is the academic achievement. • There were many difficulties faced by social worker during the preparation and implementation of these indicative programs, including difficulties related to the administration, students, teachers’ cooperation, and to the parents’ interact action... etc. Finally, the study came out with a number of recommendations, the most important of which is the continuation of training specialists in other educational areas in the capital's secretariat to achieve the real role of the social worker in the school.
ISSN: 1858 - 5930
Appears in Collections:مجلة كلية الآداب - العدد 07، ديسمبر 2018

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