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Title: أثر الوسائط الإعلامية في صنع القرار السياسي السوداني: دراسة حالة المجلس الوطني 2011-2015م
Authors: محمد الحسن عبدالرحمن الفاضل
Keywords: الإعلام والقرار السياسي
الإعلام والمجالس النيابية وترسيخ القرارات السياسية
اتخاذ القرار
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: جامعة إفريقيا العالمية
Citation: جامعة إفريقيا العالمية - عمادة الدراسات العليا - كلية الاقتصاد والعلوم السياسية - قسم العلوم السياسية
Abstract: The relationship between politics and media in Sudan is characterized by diversities and differences and this concerned political and media communities since independence. The research aimed to clarify the role of multimedia in Sudanese political decision and the way that media bodies deal with the decisions issued by the legislative body (Parliament) and how they are presented to the public. The research plot is based on the role of multimedia in making and taking Sudanese political decision. The research used some of comparative, descriptive and historical approaches depending on many resources, references and previous studies in addition to interviews and direct observation. The research concluded to the following results and recommendations, the most important of which is: 1- The National Assembly has no right to eliminate the decisions issued by executive authority but it intervenes in the way of supervision, investigation and reviewing them to correct and orient the political decision, also it concluded to an important result which is that. 2- the Sudanese media apart of Sudanese politics rather than being a director and supervisor on its performance and this needs to activate the regulations and efficient legislations to solve these problems and to enforce them to be practical. The research recommends is as follows: 1- The necessity of improving multimedia in Sudan in means, tools and content so as to take the role to achieve the intended targets of the society and to help in decision making process and its orientation for the sake of stability and development.
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