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Title: دورالتكتلات الإقتصادية الإقليمية في تفعيل الوحدة الاقتصادية بين الدول النامية بالتطبيق على الكوميسا (2005-2011)
Authors: أم عثمان محمد صالح
Keywords: يوسف خميس ابورفاس
التكتلات الإقتصادية الإقليمية
الوحدة الاقتصادية بين الدول النامية
الوحدة الاقتصادية
التجارة البينية للكوميسا
Issue Date: 2014
Citation: جامعة إفريقيا العالمية - عمادة الدراسات العليا - كلية الإقتصاد والعلوم السياسية - قسم الإقتصاد
Abstract: Abstract This research entitled: the role of economic groups in the activation of economic unity among the developing countries on the application of COMESA (2005-2011).One of the most important problem that rose in this research: What is the role of COMESA in achieving economic unity? How much contribution in the activation of the COMESA economic integration? What is COMESA regional economic? What are the motives and the elements of success? What are the most important developments that have defined by the COMESA? What is the relationship of economic unity in developing countries? What are the lingering effects of economic globalization on economic integration in the COMESA countries? The researcher uses in this research: descriptive analytical method. The researcher had come with several results, as bellow: - Economies of COMESA countries characterized with weakness of productive foundation. - COMESA countries did not access to its main goals of integration, so there are some countries still suffering of poverty. - Strong economic integration is achieving many advantages for the Member States, whether economic or political. - To dependence on the primary commodities for export is main cause of failure in achieving the goals of the groups. - Intra-regional trade between COMESA countries becomes low. - COMESA activities suffering from lack of interest, also no acceptances to the trends and economy developing in the world. The most important recommendations are as bellow: - To encourage COMESA to establishment of joint developmental projects between two or more of the Member States, leading to the strengthening of inter-relationships between it's on the one hand and people on the other. - To increasing the size of the intra-regional trade to COMESA economic integration by organizing role of the private sector and the direct foreign investment, also to hard for implementation of development programs within the region. - The people of COMESA groups must be educating with the importance of COMESA group and its advantages and objectives. - To development and diversification of the member states and to buy effort for better coordination for the produce structures.
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