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Title: أثر اتفاقية الكوميسا علي الإيرادات الجمركية في السودان في الفترة (2005ـ2014م)
Authors: انتصار بشارة ابراهيم ناصر
Keywords: يوسف خميس أبو رفاس
أثر اتفاقية الكوميسا علي الإيرادات الجمركية في السودان
الضرائب الجمركية
التكتلات الاقتصادية
مصادر الإيرادات العامة في السودان
الكوميسا والإيرادات الجمركية
السودان والكوميسا
Issue Date: 2015
Citation: جامعة إفريقيا العالمية - عمادة الدراسات العليا - كلية الإقتصاد والعلوم السياسية - قسم الإقتصاد
Abstract: Abstract The study targeted definition of the impact of the COMESA agreement on the customs revenues in Sudan, consisted study the problem of how to find out the implications of joining the COMESA put controls and procedures for intra-trade with OECD countries and submit a proposal to raise the quality of the Sudanese goods to enable them to regional competition, stand on Comesa's efforts to activate Economic Unity. This study used descriptive analytical method and gather information from different sources, and the most important findings under the trade balance of the COMESA study constitutes a deficit constant during the study period, and rising as a result of the weakness of the Sudanese exports to COMESA countries in exchange for imports of them, and Sudan benefited from preferential trade bank in financing Many investment projects in Sudan, with the knowledge that there is a lot of funding has not been paid yet, which proves that the agreement contributes to a degree of support and progress the Sudanese economy and supports the pro-agreement trend, tariff reduction between Member States lead to the COMESA region to attract to guide and stimulate trade area Trade with Pinha.oohm recommendations recommended by the study to fulfill the payment of financial obligations COMESA countries and the opening of shops COMESA countries such as Zambia, Kenya and Ethiopia, and attract technical and financial assistance for capacity building and transfer of technology to increase production, institutional and administrative development and increased promotional activities such as exhibitions and trade missions, develop and diversify economies Member States and work to better coordinate production structures, that attention to quality is one of the most important necessities at this stage, so that the Sudan to take advantage of the COMESA agreement.
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