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Title: أثر التكامل الإقتصادي الإقليمي بين تشاد و السيماك على التنمية الإقتصادية بتشاد في الفترة من 2008 - 2013
Authors: محمد حافظ بشير علي
Keywords: فاروق محمد أحمد
التنمية الإقتصادية في تشاد
التكامل الإقتصادي
تجمع السيماك
التكتلات الإقتصادية
Issue Date: 2016
Citation: جامعة إفريقيا العالمية - عمادة الدراسات العليا - كلية الإقتصاد والعلوم السياسية - قسم الإقتصاد
Abstract: ABSTRACT This research deals with the impact of regional economic integration between Chad and Sammak on economic development in Chad for the period (2008 - 2013 AD) . The research tries to find the problem, and figure out a solution to it. Economic and Monetary Community of Central African States has a basis in order to bring about economic integration among members of the grouping countries and there have been efforts by the assembly, which affected economic integration States during the period (2008 - 2013 AD) The research aims to study the assembly's efforts in activating the economic unity between its members, as well as the goal to the assembly, objectives and obstacles that hinder the achievement of the objectives of the definition of assembly, which makes assembly performance and its role in achieving economic integration among nations, and the research on several assumptions including: - Community contributes to the economic development in Chad, and implementation of assembly programs between Member States, leading to increased national income to these countries. The researcher descriptive and analytical approach, and approach the historical documentary relies on needed information from secondary and primary sources, the researcher reached several conclusions, including: - Among the most important results that came out of the absence of binding laws in the assembly treaties led to the fold, and the slow march towards development, link to the CFA franc, which represents the common currency for countries gathering in euros represents an obstacle to the access of Member States of the development aid, and is one of the economic constraints that have affected the completion of march rally successfully, and recommended research to establish joint ventures between two or more Member States, leading to the strengthening of inter- relationships between its countries and peoples, and work to educate the peoples of the CEMAC countries, the importance of this integration, its advantages and objectives, because of its significant impact on the success of economic integration.
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