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Title: مشكلات إنتـاج البرامج في تلفزيون السـودان
Other Titles: في الفترة من 2009-2012م
Authors: اعتدال محمد الوسيلة مصطفى
Keywords: الإعلام
Issue Date: 2012
Citation: جامعة الخرطوم - الدراسات العليا - كلية الأداب- قسم الإعلام
Abstract: Contemporary human societies are living a great development in all areas of life , the TV made a significant contribution , especially after the technical development which has produced an accumulation of cognitively , which enriched workers in television production with plentiful information , which is easy to recall there is clear interest of the workers in working scientifically in public and private television institutions. The study is trying to read the reality of television production in Sudan (National Channel ) and to compare it to that of other TVs, that have managed to attract the attention of the viewer , and perhaps the key question in this study is : How did the officials of Sudan TV experienced problems, in Sudan's poor social and economic situation ? Information on Sudan TV, on the subject of this study is scarce and if found it is not well organized and need to be classified. So the researcher had to conduct interviews with those who work in the field of TV, in Program Production, and question a considerable number of them, to hear from them on the subject. The majority agreed to that; the first problem was (money) which stands against realizing their ambitious productivity. Especially in the fields of decorative accessories lighting and aesthetics of the screen.... Then in the amount appropriated to attract qualified and stars to enrich the programs, are poor and the absence of professionals in many other professions is most notable ,in writing scripts and in directory work. The researcher has learned that the vast majority have learned by experience (right and wrong), without training and minority found chances of external (the number who have learned by experience 94.2 % of the total respondents). The researcher adopted the descriptive methodology, which examines the reality as it is, and consulted three TV professionals with a good background of working in television for many years and who have found a chance in advanced external training. The researcher concluded with many , recommendations of the most important ; the good selection of TV staff and good training, according to a clear plan and the use of modern techniques provided by the technology of communication, and finally , interest in the areas of advertising and marketing to raise the budget , to enrich television quality.
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