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Title: التسخير في القرآن الكريم
Other Titles: دراسة موضوعية
Authors: كامل ناوخوش حسن الكردي
Keywords: سعيد صالح محمد
التسخير في القرآن
تسخير المخلوقات للإنسان
أقسام التسخير
تسخير الملائكة
Issue Date: 2014
Citation: جامعة إفريقيا العالمية-عمادة الدراسات العليا-كلية الدراسات الإسلامية-قسم التفسير وعلوم القرآن
Abstract: Abstract This research deals with {Al- Taskhir} ( in the Glorious Quran) which literally means (The Supplier ) or The Gearer) The research is to clarify the concept of } Taskhir { (to supply or gear) and its synonymous utterances, showing the wisdom behind its purpose of implementation for mankind. This is accompanied by showing the types of the supplied creatures and the benefits derived from studying the subject. In this finding, both inductive and deductive approaches have been used to delve into the subject properly. The framework of the research is based on four chapters and a conclusion: The First Chapter deals with the basics of the research. The Second Chapter explains the concept of{ Taskhir}and the wisdom behind it in the light of the Quran. The Third Chapter is focused on the parts or types of {Taskhir}. {The Fourth Chapter elaborates on the influence of Taskhir according to the Holy Quran. Then, the final chapter concludes the research with the results of the findings and some use recommendations. Among the most important results of the research include: Taskhir utterances in the Holy Quran which refers to several meanings such as felicity, simplify, etc. the origin of {Taskhir} is the imposing of work to individuals without being their choice. The wisdom behind the creation of the universe and creatures becomes obvious to mankind if he considers the greatness of Allah’s (God’s) ability and His marvelous creation. The Quranic verses distinctly point out the creation of the universe AS a sign for the truth to be obvious to mankind which has been proven or discovered by modern science. Thus, in order to seek for guidance from Allah, the Holy Quran is the greatest resort for man if he seeks for the truth and to be delivered from darkness. The blessings of Taskhir become obvious in the skills and industries which have a great influence in human life. The Quran calls for man to ponder upon the creation of the universe in order to understand its purpose, enabling him to deduce the wisdom and knowledge behind the verses of the Holy Quran. The most important recommendation of the research includes the necessity of directing the students and researchers to study such subjects which deal with scientific miracles in the Holy Quran in Detail.
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