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Title: أثر تفويض السلطات على الأداء الإدارى
Other Titles: (دراسة حاله: شركة شيكان للتأمين وإعادة التأمين المحدوده)
Authors: رانيا ساتي عثمان علي
Keywords: سوار الدهب أحمد عيسى
تفويض السلطات
التنظيم الإداري
شركة شيكان للتأمين واعادة التامين المحدودة
القيام بالمهام
القائد المتميز
تطوير النظم الإدارية
Issue Date: 2009
Citation: جامعة افريقيا العالمية - عمادة الدراسات العليا - كلية العلوم الإدارية- قسم الإدارة
Abstract: Abstract The study aimed at analyzing methods and means of delegation responsibilities in Shaikan insurance and Re insurance company. And assuring the effectiveness of delegation as a means of enhancing performance and management of the company . The main hypothesis maintains that:- 1- There are no clear cut and sustained policies of delegation of responsibilities at the company . 2- there are practical hindrances in the way of the delegation process at Shaikan insurance and Re insurance company. 3- the low tempo of delegation process had adversely affected management performance at the company. Research methodology adopted the historical and analytical approach in addition to the case study. The study came out with the following conclusions and results : 1- success and effectiveness of terms depend on the success of managers their administrative functions . 2- delegation represents one of the main tools of administrative organization and is vital for neirforcitg the success of the same . 3- delegation is of prime importance for the success of administrative organization since it enables managers to utilize optimally available resources to wards realization of the feims objectives . 4- delegation boosts confidence of subordinates and would thare fore enhance efficiency of their performance . 5- the case study revealed a high degree of centralization at Shaikan company with a medium degree of flexibility in the company’s by lows and regulations . not with standing , the case study revealed a commendable degree of management efficiency and performance . The mean recommendation by the researcher included: 1-there is strong need for integration and harmonization of administrative functions in Shaikan company as means to achieve its goals . 2- The researcher the need to utilize delegation in Shaikan company the main of the success of delegation an already existent in the company . 3- proliferating the delegation culture by holding training courses and drawing on experience of the company in delegation polices. 4- remove barriers on the extent of delegation and impart flexibility to by lows of the company . 5- establish benchmarks for the efficiency based on the activation of various elements of administrative functions, including delegation .
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