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Title: تقويم مقرر اللغة العربية في المدارس العربية الثانوية في شمال نيجيريا ((الصف الأول نموذجا)) في الفترة من 2005-2012م
Authors: حسين علي حسين
Keywords: طرق التدريس
Issue Date: 2012
Citation: جامعة إفريقيا العالمية - عمادة الدراسات العليا - كلية التربية - طرق ومناهج التدريس
Abstract: This study is aiming at evaluating the senior Arabic secondary school curriculum, “sample class one ” in the northern Nigeria, in order to know the extent of its objectives clarity, and achievement, under the current condition of these schools, so as to know the extent of its suitability to the northern Nigeria environment, and also its suitability to the level, specialties, and students development, and also to know methods and teaching Aids which are used in these schools, and ways of valuating the students practices. The Researcher applied an analytical descriptive method procedure, which include questionnaire in collecting data and the study sample and population is a random sample which consist of forty teachers(male and female), and the researcher used percentage for analyzing the data to reach the results. And at the end of this study the Researcher came out with following results: 1- The curriculum objectives are not observed the scientific basics and requirements for forming the educational objectives. 2- The curriculum objectives didn’t have any connection with northern Nigeria environment and also didn’t derived from it. 3- The objectives focused on cognitive domain and ignored the psychomotor domains. 4- The study discovered that under the current conditions of these schools it’s impossible to achieve the curriculum objectives. 5- The content of curriculum achieved integration to the some extents. 6- the content didn’t observe individual differences among the students in an appropriate manner , and also didn’t respect students needs and inclinations and also didn’t help in developing their linguistic capabilities. And the researcher also provide recommendations to the improvement and developments of the curriculum as follows: 1- The curriculum objective should be derived from the students climates, needs and inclinations. 2-The curriculum objectives should be with connected students needs and inclinations. 3- The curriculum objectives should be formed in behavioral formation, cleared, so as to enable the students to achieve them. 4- The content should be organized according to the subject logic and basics organization.
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