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Title: تقويم منهج اللغة العربية لغة ثانية في الثانويات الفرنسية العربية في دولة مالي
Authors: كوليبالي هارون جابي
Keywords: المناهج
طرق التدريس
Issue Date: 2013
Citation: جامعة إفريقيا العالمية - عمادة الدراسات العليا - كلية التربية - طرق ومناهج التدريس
Abstract: This research studies realities of the Curriculum of Arabic Language in French-Arabic (Franco-arabe) secondary schools in Mali in order to assess its main elements; objectives, contents, methodologies of teaching and means of valuation, and identify difficulties in order to find suitable resolutions addressing them. The objectives of research could be summarized in the following points: 1. To Identify objectives of the Curriculum of Arabic Language in the French-Arabic (Franco-arabe) secondary schools in Mali so as to know to what extent they are fixed, sounds and clears. 2. To identify criteria and norms used to elaborate this curriculum. 3. To identify methods and tactics used to develop skills of communication in Arabic language, as second language (SL), in French-Arabic (Franco-arabe) secondary schools. 4. To identify tests, trainings and methods used to assess students. The researcher used analytical descriptive and historical methods, questionnaire, interview and observations, so as come about conclusions and recommendations that can contribute to the development of the curriculum of Arabic Language (SL) in French-Arabic (Franco-arabe) secondary schools. Main findings are: 1. Objectives of the curriculum are not well defined for both the teachers and the students. 2. Objectives of curriculum are to develop only skills of writing (Reading and Writing). 3. The content of curriculum does not take into account needs of the students and does not reflect the culture of the Malian society. 4. Student book does not contain experiments helping to develop phonological abilities of students. 5. The majority of teachers of Arabic language are not aware of methods and modern techniques of teaching Arabic language as second language. 6. Tests of valuation are conventional and traditional and can assess only aspects of acquisition and recitation and do not allow the student to be critical and inventive. Main recommendations are: 1. It is necessary to set a new curriculum of the Arabic Language SL in the French-Arabic (Franco-arabe) secondary schools according to the psychological, educational and linguistic principles of the elaboration of sound curriculums. 2. Teachers should be associated into the elaboration of the new curriculum of Arab language SL in the French-Arabic (Franco-arabe) secondary schools. 3. Teachers should be trained to methods and modern techniques of teaching of the Arabic language SL. 4. Educational authorities, diplomatic missions of Arab countries accredited in Mali and Islamic organizations concerned with Arabic language should support the education of the Arab language in Mali 5. Curriculum should be elaborated according to the local environment reflecting cultures of the Malian society as well as Arab-Islamic cultures. 6. It is necessary to elaborate a guide/teacher book containing methods and modern techniques of teaching and valuation of the Arabic language SL.
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