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Title: اثر الادارة الاستراتيجية على تخطيط الانتاج : دراسة حالة شركة كابلات جياد السويدي في الفترة من 2011-2016 م
Authors: معتز بدوي محمدين حسب الله
Keywords: الإدارة الإستراتيجية
تخطيط الإنتاج
Issue Date: 2019
Citation: جامعة إفريقيا العالمية - عمادة الدراسات العليا - كلية العلوم الإدارية- قسم إدارة الأعمال
Abstract: The aim of this research is the acguaintance with the importance of strategic man gement and it is role in the production progress and also making acguaintance with production planing and it is importance .the reseach problem is represented in the non –arrival of row materials in theappopriate time and the need for experienced and trained work men be sides the LocaL market reguirementswich affect pLaning and it is effectrvenessAccordingaly.the main guestion is : what is impact of the istrategic management upon the production planning? MonyGuestions emanated from it and some of them are 1. Is there relation Ship between organization mission and production planing? 2. Does the external environment affect production planning? 3. Dose the envir onment Affect production planing? 4. Is there relation ship between marketing and production planing? To answer these questions acouple of assumptions were set out among them: 1.There is arelation of statisticlal significance between the strategic management and production planing. 2. There is arelation of statistical significance between marketing and production planing. -و- 3. There is relation ship ofstatisticalsignificance between external environment and production. 4. There is relation ship of statistical signficancebeteen internal envir onment and production planing 5. There is relation ship of statistical signficnce between organization misson andproduction planing. The statistical analysis method was adopted to arrive at important results which proof the validity off these assumptions and some ofthem are showed that the company under takes the analysis of the surrounding external environment to know the opportunities and threats at the laying out of the production plan. 2.also the company used at the Laying out of any production plan to seek assistance of the marketing activites Like the commodity price marketing reseres and commodity planing .the recommendations are as follows: under take amore accurate analysis of internal environ ment to discover points of strength and weakness for the occomplishment of the production planas it was projected and not to be carried for word to the next year resulting in more greater costs and obligations. under take amor accurate analysis of the external environment to enable the company to provide the plan in terms of opening the bank credit in the appropriate time as well as the convenient time of arrivalfrom the custom shipping and undertaking acontrol for the raw materials samples befor their arrival to the company in the place of its shipping lets the cost will increase if it is non contormable with the companys specification and at its arrival
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