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Title: دور الشبكة العنكبوتية في التحصيل الدراسي لدى الطلاب عن بعد جامعة السودان المفتوحة أنموذجاً
Authors: نجلاء محمد فضل السيد علوب
Keywords: التعليم عن بعد
التحصيل الدراسي
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: جامعة إفريقيا العالمية
Citation: جامعة افريقيا العالمية - عمادة الدراسات العليا - كلية التربية - قسم المناهج وطرق التدريس
Abstract: The purpose of this research is to identify the role of the web in the achievement of distance learning students, and the importance of research in that it dealt with a topic is one of the innovations in the field of teaching and learning and the results of this research benefit the administrators of distance education, whether in traditional universities or university Sudan to benefit from the media and communication technologies offered by the World Wide Web to serve students of distance learning. The researcher used the analytical descriptive method, which is the most suitable for this subject. The questionnaire was used as a tool to collect data for the study from the sample of the society which includes (100 students and students from the Sudan Open University), and to analyze the data used by the researcher statistical methods and the program of electronic tables (Excel) The researcher assumed in this research that the World Wide Web has a role in raising the educational attainment of remote learners as well as the network of great importance in distance education as the researcher hypothesized that there are obstacles in the use of the web in distance education, The researcher studied this study into five chapters. The first chapter dealt with the literature of the study and the previous studies. The second chapter dealt with the curriculum and its concept and the foundations of its construction. The third chapter dealt with the researcher's procedures in the research and the fourth chapter, in which the researcher analyzed the questionnaire and the definition of Sudan Open University, The study of the case, conclusion and exit results, recommendations and proposals, and reached the researcher to several results of the most important that the World Wide Web has an important role in raising the distance learning achievement for students, and the educational media an important role in the process There is a high level of awareness of the benefits of using the Internet in distance education for the respondents, which indicates the importance of using the Internet in distance education in social and economic aspects of the school and the state. The importance and usefulness in this field, and there is a social and economic benefit and moral to the distance learners, especially not missed train education at some stage of their lives for various reasons. One of the most important recommendations recommended by the researcher is that the Ministry of Higher Education adopts the Internet as a means of special university education for distance study and works to provide all the elements that help to use the Internet in distance education effectively and interest in computer labs in the digital library departments in open universities and involve all members The faculty discussed ways to use the Web in the teaching process of students studying remotely.
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