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Title: أثر اللغة العربية على اللغة النوبية على مستوى المفردات والألفاظ وكتابتها بالحرف العربي
Authors: محمد محمود عبدالكريم حسن
Keywords: اللغة العربية
اللغة النوبية
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: جامعة إفريقيا العالمية
Citation: عمادة الدراسات العليا والبحث العلمي والنشر - مركز يوسف الخليفة لكتابة اللغات بالحرف العربي
Abstract: This research touches on the Arabic language's impact on the Nubian language , owing due to their each other approachment and what affected the Nubian language of extinction , its reasons and domains besides limitation and numeration some of vocabularies and pronunciations that transferred from Arabic language to Nubian language . The research is also aimed at theregistration of Nubian vocabularies and preservation them fromextinction because the Nubian language is like other Sudanese Languages that speeded or are almost extinct. Fearing theextinction of the Nubian language that due to the spread of Arabic and its frequent use among various Sudanese tribes, as the officiallanguage in the country which rarefy the Sudanese Languages anddialects and result in a rapid or gradual towards the languageparticularly unwritten languages . One of the most important things that interested in this Language is that it responded somequestions: is there a Linguistic conflict happened between theNubian and Arabic languages? And what sort of vocabularies and pronunciations transferred from Arabic language to Nubian language? The importance of the study is also to address the degree of convergence that occurred between the Arabic andNubian Languages and help Nubians distinguish between the originand the foreign in the Nubian language so that they are able toknow the expansion and the shrinkage degree in the Nubianlanguage. The subject matter has also concerned about the vocabulary that transferred from Arabic to Nubian Languageswithout syntax, specifically scientific and cultural vocabularieswhich constitute the highest ratio in presupposed alphabetizing. The study has also concluded that Arabic language has effect onthe Nubian language in their different systems and researches were carried out in the Nubian vocabularies and make use of new methods followed in learning foreign Languages and apply them in learning Nubian language.
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