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Title: آثار السحر والطقوس التقليدية على تشكيل العادات الإجتماعية لمجتمع جبال النوبة
Other Titles: دراسة حالة العاصمة القومية (2000 -2010).
Authors: الياس وأوا
Keywords: السحر
Issue Date: 2015
Citation: جامعة إفريقيا العالمية - عمادة الدراسات العليا - مركز البحوث والدراسات الإفريقية - قسم الاديان
Abstract: Title of the research is: The Effects if Black Magic and Traditional Rituals on Forming the Social Habits of the Nuba Mountain Community ( A Case Study -The National Capital 2000- 2010). The study aimed at identifying the outbreak extent of the black magic beliefs and practices, and the relationship of these beliefs and practices with demographic, psychological and social variables, and identifying the most important beliefs and practices related to the black magic prevailing in the Nuba Mountain community of Khartoum. The study comprised of seventh chapters: Chapter One spoke about the overall framework of the study. chapter Two dealt with the theoretical framework and the previous related studies. Chapter Three explained the difference between the Arabic terms 'al-mu'jiza', 'al-karama' and 'as-sihr'. Chapter Four gave a historical background of the Nuba Mountains and there demographics. Chapter Five discussed the black magic practices in Sudan. Chapter Six spoke about the treatment accepted Shari'a. Chapter Seven dealt with the field study which depends on questionnaire and interview. And included the important findings, recommendation and the list of resources annexed with appendixes. The researcher used SPSS program to process the data statistically. He depended on the descriptive method to some extent in addition to the historical method in order to reach concrete results. The most important findings were that: the Nuba Mountain area represents a unique cultural and ethnic diversity, and it has a special status in terms of land, nature and man; women of the Nuba tribe are the most vulnerable segment of the society to fall into black magic, and also illiterates, and those who are weak in religious beliefs and the poor; and the implications of black magic in Nuba community are weakness in Belief, ignorance, illiteracy, staying away from the religious education, vulnerability to negative mentality, and vulnerability to bad companions. Among the most important recommendations was the necessity of forming an official or semi-official body to provide the state with advise regarding the issues related to Nuba mountain community and taking care of its people in the Sudanese big cities, especially in Khartoum.
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