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Title: الرئيس آدم عبد الله عثمان ودوره في تاريخ الصومال الحديث : 1960-1969
Authors: عبد الرحمن أبوبكر أحمد
Keywords: الصومال
التاريخ الأفريقي
Issue Date: 2014
Citation: جامعة إفريقيا العالمية - عمادة الدراسات العليا - مركز البحوث والدراسات الإفريقية - قسم التاريخ
Abstract: Abstract This research (The President Adam Abdullah Osman and his role in the modern history of Somalia), consists of an introduction, three chapters and each chapter introduces beneath four sections. the first chapter Gives idea about the history of Somalia, addressing when and how Islam arrived in Somalia, and the role of the Somalis in the propagation of Islam in the Horn of Africa, also deals with the advent of European colonialism in Somalia, and the resistance of the people against them, led by scientists(Shuyukh) in the first period of their coming, and then led by the Educated men who founded the political parties that struggled in order to obtain freedom, and to reject the yoke of colonialism. The second chapter deals with the period of autonomy, that abounded in which the ambitions of the powered countries who triumphed in The World War II, where assailed those forces in the region in order to find a foothold; that appeared clearly in conferences held for the Horn of Africa, and without fruitful results, and finally after a lack of understanding between the major powers to whom the guardian of Somalia, putting the country back under the management of Italy to take the hand of the sons of the country to reach freedom, but it didn’t do functions assigned to, so it tried to devote its rule and prolong the trusteeship period, using violent means against parties and national individuals, and when she saw that no inevitably, a fait accompli and that the national parties do not relent to desire , It turned the game, penetrated the ranks of the national parties - especially the Somali youth league – so it encouraged participant loyal to engage in those parties, where Italy has succeed, Where many opportunists in national parties and have held senior positions in the country, In how Italy wanted to maintain its economic interests after the end of its Regency period. Somalia gained independence burdened with a number of problems, the largest was the lack of qualified persons who can lead the country, and can create economical, political, and social rational strategy. the final chapter , deals with personal President Adam Abdullah Osman, who is one of the most important historical figures in Somalia , not only for being a waiver of the presidency in a peaceful manner , but also being the flag of freedom in the country; where he led the country in the period promised of the most difficult periods of its history, a period after the end of the World War II and the period followed that - the Cold War - which was characterized by attracting intense between the two blocs, East and West , and Adam Adde treated with both periods with political super tact; where he didn’t collide with one of the two Block, his relations with both characterized by moderation and impartiality. Adam Abdullah has been able to establish Somali army coach and gave them sufficient weapons to protect the country; the army has been able to respond ambitions toward Somalia (Ethiopia), in the war of 1964. At the end Adam Adde handed the Government in democracy way and it regard as ideal way in Africa that days , after him came Dr Abdul Rashid, who failed to lead the country by way it was planned by his predecessor Adam Adde, where abounded war between the tribes , and there was corruption in all aspects of the state, hernia people to the Savior of the crisis , and the response came from the armed forces, whom seized the reins of the country on October 21 , 1969 , with a white revolution un blooded.
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