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Title: السياسات النقدية للبنك المركزي لدول ووسط أفريقيا وأثرها على التنمية الاقتصادية في تشاد - 2006-2011م
Authors: الحاج علي الحاج شهاد
Keywords: الاقتصاد
التنمية الاقتصادية
Issue Date: 2013
Citation: جامعة إفريقيا العالمية -عمادة الدراسات العليا - كلية الاقتصاد والعلم السياسية - قسم الاقتصاد
Abstract: This research has taken the financial policies for Central Bank of Middle African countries, an its developing of Economic in Chad impact during the period 2006-2010, and the researcher and what does Economical policies to achieve Economical development in Chad in period 2006-2010., and this research has aimed to know the financial policies in Central Bank of Middle African Countries to support the Economical development and explain the financial policies of central bank , and knowing the tools and aims of financial policies. This research has many hypotheses cycling about abilities of financial policies in achieving Economical development in Chad as follows: * That the financial policies which has been followed by Central Bank of Middle African Countries concepts in achieving development in most member countries generally. * The undeveloping of financial policies for central Bank with performance of Chad Economy. The researcher followed the historical descriptive analysis with study to in case of Chad. to preparing the subject of the study, the research has shown the financial policies of Central bank of Middle African countries , in achieving the development in Chad , among four chapter, first chapter: the basic of research and previous studies, the second ل chapter : financial policies through concept, aims and tools of financial policies and central Bank of Middle African countries among the foundation , development and its financial policies , and the third chapter: the researcher speak about Economical development through the Economical development, non developed, strategic and theories of economical development, and the fourth chapter: the researcher discuss the case of Chad country, spoken about Chad and Economical situation in Chad and Economical development and its constitutions in Chad and development planning Chad. And the effectiveness of financial policies for Central Bank of Middle African Countries for Economical development in Chad and finance system in Chad and the evaluation of financial policies and test of conclude. The researcher testing the following concludes: * The financial policies which was followed by the central Bank of Middle African countries concepts in achieving development in most members' countries generally. * The financial policies didn't concepts for financing Economical development projects in Chad. * used the analytical descriptive method and case studies. The results of study: م * The formation of African frank area is coming among controlling of strong concurred countries for the weak countries so as to fix the controlling resources to serve the interests of country. * The central Bank of Middle African countries founded to sponsored strong the French interests with old concurred countries among joining them with one banknote followed possessed to institute of banknotes issuance in French. The study has several recommendations: * The African countries in Frank Area must not hesitate to cancel the recent system of African Frank and Yoro, completely. Whatever it was an obstacle against the developing of this Area for long time for human and elements facilities for these countries. * The African must not delay to issuing its free union banknote
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