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Title: المناسبات في تفسيرالإمام السعدي في الجزء "الثامن عشر" من القرآن الكريم "دراسة وصفية"
Authors: أشواق أحمذ أبكر حسن
Keywords: التفسير
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract: This research "The Study of The Events in The Interpretation of Imam al-Sa'di in part 18 of the Holy Quran (Descriptive Study). The research included a statement of the concept of the science of occasions in the language and terminology, and the types of occasions when the scholars of interpretation and sciences of the Quran, and then follow the words of scientists who support the science of events and rejecters, with the evidence to them from their books, The study followed the descriptive approach of Imam al-Sa’di in the extraction of events between the Quran in the "Part 18" of the Holy Quran, and identify the link between verses and walls, and extract the words used to mention the occasion. The research consists of five chapters, each chapter contains three questions, and each subject contains a number of demands and questions. The first chapter deals with the research components of the research basics (the research plan), the second chapter (definition of Imam Sa’di) Chapter Four (Occasions in Surat Al Mo'menin), Chapter V (Occasions in Surat Al Noor and Al Furqan). The study concludes by highlighting the attention of Imam al-Sa'di with the knowledge of occasions, This came in the last demand of this study and it is proven that it is more than other scholars who are interested in the knowledge of occasions and occasions. The research reached a number of results, including: that the science of occasions in the interpretation of Imam Al-Sa’di easy to show us the links between the verses and the wall. Imam al-Sa’di showed the science of events through the Quran rhetoric, including antagonism, analogy, reasoning, introspection, recognition and others. The science of events in terms of the verse or verses or the fence that this Quran is one source and that the word of God one, And also that the science of events shows (fit verses and walls) face of miracles is the miraculous graphic of the Quran. The researcher recommended a number of recommendations, as well as it includedthe technical catalogs of the verses of the Quran and the Prophetic traditions and flags translated to them and notices and places and countries and sources and references and research topics.
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