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Title: المُطَرَّفيَّة الزَّيْديَّة نشأتھا وعقائدھا وأسباب الحرب عليھا
Authors: عبد العزيز علي مفتن محمد الورقي
Keywords: العقيدة
الفكر الإسلامي
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: Almutrafiah Al-Zaydiah; its originality, doctrines (beliefs), war against it. The research targeted to identify “Al-Mutrafyah” as one of “AL-Zaydiah” group, its originality, its doctrine and the war against it, indicating the point of view of “Al-Zaydiah” towards “Al-Mutrafyah” and its doctrine. The research depended upon the historical, comparative analytical methodology. Concerning the research procedures and tools, the researcher depended upon the material found in “Al- Mutrafyah” manuscript, in identifying the doctrines of “Al-Mutrafyah” as it is ; the only source which dealt with the real and exact doctrines of “Al-Mutrafyah” as most of which was written concerning” Al-Mutrafyah” doctrines are from the books of the adversaries and not from “Al- Mutrafiyah” manuscripts. The researcher also depended upon the resources and references which dealt with “Al- Mutrafyah” , he consulted also the books of the “Hadeeth” (the narration of prophet Mohammed PBUH),and the interpretation for analysis and comparison according to the requirement. The research consists of five chapters; the 1st. consists of the basis of the research ; 2nd. Chapter identifies the “Shiaa” and its groups ,then identifies “Al-Zaidyah” according to its originality in Yemen, the groups of” Al-Zaydiah” in yemen , its doctrine in original things ; 3rd. chapter identifies “Al-Mutrafyah” , its foundation ,identifies the founder of “Al- Mutrafyah”. Its regions of spread, mentioning examples of their scholars; explaining their vision for issues of “Al-Iwad” (Compensation); 4th. Chapter iden3fies doctrines of “Al-Mutrafyah” for the five origins; 5th. Chapter explains the reasons of wars against “Al-Mutrafyah” and how to eradicate it ,explaining the attitude of “Al-Zaidyah” towards the doctrines of “Al-Mutrafyah” and the al of its elimination. The research concluded the following findings: The liaison of (sanad) of “Al-Mutrafyah” with “Al-Imam Al-HAdi Yahia Bin Al-Hussein” in close contact , interdependent , connected and س sequenced from the beginning of the (sanad) up to its end; the students of” Al-Hadi” and his son “Al-Murtada Mohammed Bin Yahia”, they are the sheikhs of “Al-Mutrafya” . Al-Mutrafyah was founded on 360H. by “Al-Sheikh Ali Bin Mshfooz” and not by” Al-Sheikh Ali Bin Harb”. Its foundation was started by a debate between “Al-Sheikh Ali Bin Mahfooz” &” Al-Sheikh Bin Shihr” concerning Reputation (AL-Irrd) ,the actual originator of “Al-Mutrafyah” was “Mutrif Bin Shihab” and to him it was attributed. The roots of contradiction between “Al-Mutrafyah” and” ALMukhtaryaa” was very early, it was a contradiction between two different ideas: The school of “Al-Hadi” represented by students of “AL-Hadi” who are the “Mashaeikh of AL-Mutrafyah” which was an extension of the ideas of the school of “Moutazillah Al-Bagdadiah “ ,the school of “ALWafideen”” Immigrants” who came to Yemen of “AIIMMAh” and scholars who came from Jail, Dailam, Tubrustan and Iraq who came with different ideas and opinions compared to those of “Al-Hadi” In jurisprudence (Figh) and in doctrine of (Iitigad) with the support of the scholars of “Saada” who were affected by the immigrants “wafideen” ; also the scholars of Yemen who went to those countries to learn there , it was an extension to the ideas of “Al-Mutrafiayah Jibaiaah” school. What “Al-Mukhtariyah” imputed to “Al-Mutrafyah” in a doctrine stated that “Al-Mutrafyah” are disbelievers; it was revealed what was rated to “Al-Mutrafyah” are absolutely not right; the doctrine of “Al-Mutrafyah” is opposite to what they stated , and in fact what “Al-Mutrafyah” believes does not lead to disbelieve. The doctrine of “AL-Murafyah” is the doctrine of “Abi-Algasim Al-Bulkhi” ,the Sheikh of Imam “Al-Hadi”; the founder of “AL-Zaydiah” in Yemen,and also “Mazhab” AL-Immam “AL-Hadi” himself, and the doctrine of the judge “Algaddi” “Abd-Aljabar Al-Moutazili” in his book (the Explanation of the five origins); generally the doctrine of “Al- Mutrafyah” is not far away from the “Moutazilah”.
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