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Title: قصص الروح: كيف تعمل الرُّوح - تأليف : غاري زوكاف
Authors: أماني علي محمد الحسن
Keywords: الترجمة
Issue Date: 2013
Citation: جامعة إفريقيا العالمية - عمادة الدراسات العليا - كلية الألسن - قسم الترجمة
Abstract: This book ( Soul stories ) consists of four parts , which has the title: How it works. This part carring some titles on the names of: Emotional awareness – Responsible choice –intention - Harmony- cooperation – sharing – Reverence for life – Authentic power- creating authentic power – Forgiveness – Humbleness - clarity – Love – Trust- In the first Story , the author wrote about the woman who a adopted a son in the neighborhood. The second one is about Samurai and his priest. The third one is about the similarities relationship between the third law of motion and the intention. The fourth one is about his friends in the retreat. The fifth one is about his cooperation with (Operah) the talk show presenter. The sixth story is about his school days in high secondary school and his teacher ( Dan) .The seventh one is about the wood cutter and his nephew. The eighth one is about the differences between the authentic power and external power through the story of the Kyoto governor. The nineth one is about the relation between making bread and creating authentic power through the story of the chef Antony . The tenth one is about a family with their son’s Killer . The eleventh one is about the musical band . The tweleveth one is about his being to the summit with his friend . The thirteenth one is about the red wood tree. The last story in this part, is about the little girl with her parents.
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