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Title: فاعلية العلاقات العامة بجهاز تنظيم شوؤن السودانيين العاملين بالخارج دراسة تطبيقية في الفترة من (2004 - 2008م)
Authors: عمار صباح الخير العجب
Keywords: علوم الاتصال
Issue Date: 2012
Citation: جــــــــــامعة إفريقيا العـالمـــــــــية - عمادة الدراسات العليا - كلية الآداب - قسم علوم الاتصال
Abstract: The effectiveness of public relations in the Secretariat of Sudanese working abroad (SSWA) of regulate the affairs of Sudanese working abroad (SSWA) applied study in the period (2004-2008) Researcher’s Name: Ammar Sbah Alkheir Alagab The study was conducted in Khartoum in January 2012 aimed to access the effectiveness of the general relationship of the organization of Sudanese affairs that work abroad and find out the extent of efficiency in addressing the country issues by linking them to it, and also the effectiveness of communication programs in strengthening the relationships with the other countries. The researcher studied the ways and the methods and telecommunications means which is used by the secretariat to address the expatriates The descriptive method was used by the researcher depend on questionnaire as the main tool for collecting information from a sample of expatriates and reluctant to the Secretariat of Sudanese working abroad (SSWA) their number reached 97 individual and interviews were conducted with officials from the Secretariat of Sudanese working abroad (SSWA) in addition to the used of observations during the period of the field study in the interpretation of some situations. The researcher find a set of results including: Public relations of the Secretariat of Sudanese working abroad (SSWA) have a positive role towards the issues of expatriate via telecommunications programs. The sample suggest that the direct contact program is more effecting than other means and the care of Secretariat of Sudanese working abroad (SSWA) by the print media is more than the interest of other media, and the expatriates have double willingness of overseas public relations programs as a general trend. The research present some of the proposals one of it’s importance is to support the public relationships individual, devices and equipment and activating the role of the Sudanese communities abroad and training those who in charge of the public relationship at the Secretariat of Sudanese working abroad (SSWA)…
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