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Title: أثر الإعلام الدولي على القضايا السودانية
Authors: مدثر آدم أبكر محمد
Keywords: العلوم السياسية
الاعلام الدولي
Issue Date: 2014
Citation: جامعة أفريقيا العالمية - كلية الدراسات العليا - كليــــــة الاقتصاد والعلـوم السياســية – قسم العلوم السياسية
Abstract: The main goal for this search is to study the important role of the media in forming common opinion . as concern in media was increased to play great role now days .The study also discovered how far the media means can do in forming the general opinion view as Darfur issue has shown on example of the media in practicing the media means informing this idea by using the huge possibilities and advanced technology .and to how for that is affected in covering Darfur issue which resulted the significance of impact the media has played in Darfur issue. This research is on attempt for testing samples of media in Darfur case to clarify the relationship between media influence in this case and forming of ideas and attitudes of general opinion in Darfur issue . The research is also focusing and analyzing the impact of media and communication on Darfur issue as well as identifying roles of media and the role that played informing the global general opinion as well as local to follow and analyzing the leval that Darfur case has gone and the role of the media on that. This is the descriptive research which concern of study of global media and identifying its characteristics and its impact on Darfur issue which aim to reach the data and results that can assist to get indicators that help to get the facts related to the phenomenon of study in addition to provide measurable data that can be analyzed . this research is also depend on historical methods and case study these method has been used to reach reasonable answer son hypothecs and the questions of the study and to get meaning full results and for that the study can involve the description of media and communication and its beginning and developing and its impact on the conflict in. Darfur One of the important result of this research has shown that what occurred in Darfur issue with media covering and mobilizing the local international general opinion that has drove Darfur case to the global forum as well as united nations and security council which led finally to foreign intervention agenda . also the study shown the weakness of Sudanese media and its disability to bring out the real image of Darfur issue , as the real tragic humanitarian situation in Darfur prepared environmental media intervention and arrange for sadactive topic for the media that approached Sudan and Darfur and mobilized Darfur issue through NGOs and pressure groups. The main of the research recommendation is to call for national conference to establish new media system in term of thought and practice and policy in addition to create new roles that can obligate the media system by conduct and ethics to drive it away breaches as well as including the media course within the courses that can be taught in University faculties .The research also recommended for rebuilding the confidence between Sudanese community to avoid the causes of injustice and aggressive socialization and gender for all community person through different mass media .
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