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Title: الموازنة بين كتابي تحرير تقريب التهذيب وكشف الإيهام لما تضمنه تحرير التقريب من الأوهام. (دراسة تحليلية مقارنة) (من الترجمة رقم:(433) إسماعيل بن أبي حبيبة الأنصاري إلى الترجمة رقم:(699) بشر بن قرة الكلبي الكوفي).
Authors: أبوبكر جلو
Keywords: التهذيب
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: جامعة إفريقيا العالمية
Citation: جامعـــــة إفريقيا العالمية- عمادة الدراســـات العـــليا- كليــــة الدراسات الإسـلامية - قسم الحديث وعـــــلومه
Abstract: This studies came by the title: (Equalization of the books of Tahriru Takribu Al-Tahzib and Kasif Aleeham….) and the study treated the misjudged sayings and judgement which is refer to Al-hafiz ibu Hajar and his book Takribu Al-Tahzib. Among the most important aims of the studies are: Equalization between pursuits that are in the book " Tahriru Altakrib and it interceptions in the book of " Kasif Aleeham" and other books of renditions, the Faulty and interrogations books. The researcher follows in carrying out these studies, the descriptive, extrapolative, balance and analysis methodologies. The study carried out in four chapters, in chapter one he discussed about the basic fundaments of the research, in the chapter tow: he discusses about the biography of Al-Hafiz, and his book as well as the biography of the authors of the two books and their methodology in their books. In chapter three: from the biography of Ismail ibun Abi Habib to the biography of Anas bun Hakim Al-Basri. While in chapter four: commence from the biography of Anas Al-Kasiyu Al-Basriyu to the biography of Bisr bun kuratou Al-kufii. The researcher came across a series of findings; and the most famous ones are: The un-dependence of the authors of "Al-Tahrir" on the methodology of Al-Hafiz in arranging of Al-Jarhu watadil terms, and the was the reason for them falling on serious mistakes, hence they could have followed his method which he mentioned in his introduction of Al-Takrib, so that can rectify on him. Moreover, they claim that he lacks methodicalness in his book, And also the lack of methodicalness of two authors themselves, which is seen during course of this research, since they state in their introduction the method they will be using in their book, and the never follow what said.
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