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Title: الفوائد المستنبطة من حادثة الإفك ودورها في حماية المجتمع من الأكاذيب
Authors: الطيب كمال الدين محمد البشير
Keywords: حادثة الإفك
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: جامعة إفريقيا العالمية
Citation: جامعة أفريقيا العالمية - عمادة الدراسات العليا - كلية الدراسات الإسلامية - قسم السيرة والدعوة
Abstract: This study is entitled : Implied lessons given by the event of (IFK) (fraud) and its role in defending the society form lies. That fraud was done due to the insolence of deception makers against the mother of believers Aisha( May Allah bless her); and the aim was to assault Islam in her person and the person of her father Abubakr ( the close friend of the prophet) (may Allah bless him); hoping to devastate Islam, and cause people to desert Islam, desert its prophet and go back to idol worshiping. AU this was due to jealousy that fills the hearts of hypocrites. Those hypocritical allegations were renewed in the modern times by western orientalists and other enemies of Islam, all that gives relevance to the study of that historical event known in Islamic history as “ IFK” or fraud. This study also aims to show the high status of syyidaAisah ( may Allah bless her) and that she was honoured by revelation of Quran in her case in order to acquit her, defend the Islamic society and nonplus the hypocritical allegations. The study contains a host of educational, and social lessons that direct the society toward purity and chastity. The study contains four sections : the first section was about research basics and it contain three topics, the second section gives detention to the mother of believers ( Aisah-May Allah bless her). Then narrates the fraud event taken from prophet- history books, general historical books and books of Quranic exegesis, The third section: speaks about the merits of the companions of the prophet and the religious laws derived from the fraud event. As for section four it was about the lessons derived from the fraud event and how the fraud event defends the Islamic society from lies and rumours. The researcher used three research methodologies: inductive, analytic and derivation methods.
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