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Title: الفهم القرائي دوره في تنمية مهارات التعبير الكتابي للناطقين بغير اللغة العربية
Authors: منصور عبد الرحمن محمد مضوي
Keywords: اللغة العربية
الناطقين بغيرها
علم اللغة التطبيقي
Issue Date: 2016
Citation: جــــــــــامعة إفريقيا العـالمـــــــــية - عمادة الدراسات العليا - كلية اللغة العربية - قسم علم اللغة التطبيقي
Abstract: This research introduces the problem of varied difficulties and diversity faced by learners of non -Arabic-speaking in written expression skills, therefore the goal of the researcher through this research is to find out the role of the Reading Comprehension in overcoming these difficulties, and stand on its role in the development of written expression of the speakers without Arabic skills . Has demonstrated the importance of this research by helping to teach non-Arabic-speaking, to overcome the various deficiencies in the special skills of written expression, through the development of Reading Comprehension skills, and researcher followed the experimental method in this research for the suitability of the nature and subject of research. The research sample consisted of (54) students, at the Institute of Arabic Language, at the International University of Africa in the academic year 2015, all of them speaking language other than Arabic, test was used as research tool . This research has included five chapters, deals with the researcher in the first quarter, including the general framework for the search, and touched in the second quarter, the framework for theoretical research and previous studies, The third chapter, has dealt with the field study procedures were displayed data, analysis, and discussion of the results, in the fourth quarter, and then was presented the most important findings and recommendations, and proposals learned from this research, in the fifth chapter. د Through this research, the researcher presented a number of findings, including: 1- The development of Reading Comprehension for Speakers of non-Arabic language skills, leading to the development of written expression skills . 2- The development of sense of Reading Comprehension Skills for Speakers of non-Arabic language leads to better appreciation of the text, and their sense of the beauty of the text; it does not develop their rhetorical skills to the skill of written expression . 3- That the development of written expression skills through attention to the development of reading comprehension skills; leads to stability, and the stability of written expression skills . Find and presented a set of recommendations including : 1. The need to pay attention to the development of Reading Comprehension for Speakers of non-Arabic language skills according to a variety of learning strategies, and different methods of teaching. 2. Teaching language skills of speakers of languages other than Arabic, depending on the principle of complementary and interdependence between these skills.
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