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Title: الأهداف التربوية والتعليمية لكلية الدراسات الإسلامية بممباسا دراسة تحليلية تقويمية
Authors: ماجد بونو حبين
Keywords: الأهداف التربوية والتعليمية
Issue Date: 2016
Citation: جامعة إفريقيا العالمية - عمادة الدراسات العليا - كلية التربية - قسم المناهج وطرق التدريس
Abstract: The purpose of this study is to analyse and evaluate educational and pedagogical goals of the College of Islamic studies in Mombasa, from the years 1995 to 2008. The researcher has picked this subject for his PHD study for its significance, originality and novelty, and also to reveal the strength and weakness of the College of Islamic Studies in Mombasa Kenya, and then find possible solutions to strengthen the college in various aspects. The research may help colleges of Islamic studies in Kenya in the evaluation of educational goals. This study aims to identify the educational objectives of the College and the disclosure of sources of college goals, and the date of adoption and who painted and then work to evaluate and identify the extent of the educational objectives of consensus in college with student life in Kenya requirements and ascertain the extent of the achievement of the overall educational objectives and stand on College graduates and their situation in society, and finally to identify the obstacles to the achievement of the overall educational objectives. The researcher benefited from previous studies on different aspects and hence the studies were helpful to the researcher on how to analyze data, its collection and interpretation. The researcher used questionnaires to gather information on the subject of his study and followed the descriptive relevance of the researcher in the subject. The research has reached the following main results: 1- The college of Islamic studies Mombasa – achieved most of its educational and pedagogical objectives in the period -1995-2008 C.E 2- There are some important goals of the college of Islamic Studies in Mombasa which were unable to be achieved in the period 1995-2008 C.E 3- College Academy distinguished reputation and excellent management. 4- Graduates of this college have high efficiency and good reputation in the field of education, advocacy, and have a positive role in Kenya's Muslim community. 5- It is the most important impediments to progress this college is not properly registered in the Ministry of Higher Education, and the piece is due to the lack of seriousness of the college officials and the ministry was not cooperating in the piece. 6- Goal of preparing a cadre of qualified students in Swahili and English did not materialize. 7- Advantage of this college professors reputation and respect among students and a large community of Muslims of Kenya. 8- Positive outlook among students about the possibility of this college registration with the Ministry of Higher Education if they have allocated a special independent commission. 9- Some of the important educational goals of this college not preclude achieving college in the Ministry of Higher Education and the Kenyan record. The research has came to following recommendations: 1. Interest teaches Swahili and English, so that the two languages of the ways the job at the college achieve educational objectives. 2. Reconsider the ways and means to achieve the goal of preparing the rightful Islamic courts in Kenya Judges. 3. The need to establish the College of Education to prepare teachers to achieve the educational goals of the college b in better way. 4. The need to provide students with the means and modern techniques in the field of advocacy and education. 5. The need for college in the Ministry of Higher Education for the benefit of all Kenyan record. 6. The need to strengthen the relationship between the college and other Islamic institutions in Kenya and the world.
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