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Title: On Accuracy of Radiotherapy Dose Delivery
Authors: Eman Abdelrazig Mohamed Osman
Keywords: medical physics
Issue Date: 2017
Citation: International University of Africa - Dean of Graduate Studies & Scientific Research & Publication - Faculty of Pharmacy
Abstract: This study simulates possible errors – in radiotherapy- which could be happened, to determine their effect on delivereddose.And to know which of them have most effect.Nine experiments were done to estimate the error in radiotherapy, four of them in two depth (5,10)cm and another in one depth (10)cm Cobalt60 machine, ionization chamber, electrometer and slab phantom were used for all nine experiments. It has been founded that the most effective parameter was lateral shift and the least one was gantry shift.Lateral and longitudinal shifts had the same effect in depth (5)cm.Then SSD shift followed by FS shift.For depth (10)cm lateral shift followed by temperature shift.For the FS,SSD, and longitudinal shifts they had the same effect at first values.Then came thecollimator shift and finally thegantry shift.
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